The Advantage of using Purification UV Sterilization

  • Produces high-level disinfection of breathable air and exposed surfaces.
  • Destroys airborne pathogens. Significantly reducing the transmission of infection.
  • Dry, chemical-free disinfectant. Green Clean-Environmentally friendly.
  • No mercury or other dangerous chemicals are used in the lamp.
  • Eliminates human error of manually cleaning surfaces.

We use UVC technology to keep society safe by killing blood borne pathogens, viruses, bacteria, spores and other harmful infectious diseases.

Purification LLC’s approach is to use state of the art methods to sterile all areas in your home, office and business; even the hard to reach areas by using sanitation Pods that are environmentally friendly, green, and safe.  The Pods used are CDC Approved UVC lights that kills virus with light waves. Our goal remains to help keep a safe and clean environment for our homes, offices, businesses and community.

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