Environmental Sterilization

Purification UVC destroys 99.9% of the world’s most harmful bacteria and viruses including coronavirus, saras, flu and spores with unmatched speed, convince and effectiveness.

High level disinfectant lights destroy the pathogens in the air and on any surface.

The light should only be used in an open unoccupied space by a certified technician to disinfect the surfaces and environment. UVC is extremely effective in destroying 99.9% of all microorganisms that cause us to become sick.

Duke University Study

Duke university recently conducted a study at their university hospital using UVC sterilization.

During the study a portable machine using a UVC light was used to disinfect rooms where patients with the target bacteria had been staying. The machine emits UVC light into the empty room for about 30 minutes. The light bounces and reflects into hard to reach areas such as open drawers , and between cabinets and fixtures. The lightwaves were proven to kill bacteria by disrupting their DNA.

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