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As we all have experienced firsthand due to the COVID-19 pandemic, airborne pathogens and viruses are a serious concern and health issue. In addition, aerial contaminants such as pollution, bacteria, mold, spores, and dust can have long-term negative effects on your lungs.

Many medical professionals, including the CDC, have backed the highly effective use of UV-C lights to destroy pathogens and the spread of diseases. Over the years, there have been many studies also conducted that prove the 99.9% effectiveness that this light has on instantly destroying these microorganisms.

Companies with strict health protocols have been using and experimenting with this technology for almost 100 years. Now you might be thinking that this kind of technology seems a little dangerous and you’re not really sure how you can apply it for your needs. We can help answer all of these questions for you… and then some!

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It comes down to the frequency on the UltraViolet (UV) spectrum

UV-C technology has been used for many years and yet most people have not heard of it. Hospitals, water treatment plants, and even peanut butter factories use this technology regularly.

Light is measured on a spectrum. We use the light frequency called UV-C, which is anywhere between 240-280 nanometers. Our bulbs specifically are at 254 nanometers.


When exposing microorganisms to UV-C light at around 254nm, the light penetrates through the cell wall and disrupts the structure of the DNA or RNA chain molecule. This prohibits any kind of reproduction of the organism from happening and kills the pathogen completely.

The light at this wavelength is just between X-Rays and Visible light. You have heard of UV-A and UV-B, probably when looking at sunscreen. UV-C is not mentioned often because our atmosphere does not allow much through. This is a good thing because it is extremely damaging to our skin and body.

To reiterate, UV-C light is able to kill cells because it penetrates the nucleus (information center) of the cell and destroys the RNA/DNA contained within it. From the research so far, experts say that there is no evidence that shows in their studies that a microorganism can adapt to the light. This means that even all mutations of viruses or diseases are not able to withstand the exposure of UV-C. Any pathogen that is exposed to UV-C at the 254nm will be destroyed instantly on contact.

There are other competitors that claim they use the full power of UV-C. However, if the light in any way is directly exposed to the visible eye or body, you can know for sure that it is not a product that actually follows and uses the science of UV-C to kill viruses, bacteria, or diseases. There are ways to utilize and install this technology effectively and safely. That’s why Purification LLC is known for being the leading innovators of UV-C devices. Everything we do is rooted in the science. We also attend regular conferences with the International Ultraviolet Association Inc. Our intention with this is to learn any new updates on UV-C that is available as well as what it means to be an ethical UV-C company when administering UV-C light services to businesses of all kinds.



Founder and Purification LLC engineer, Nicholas Knudsen, prides himself by staying active in the academic community around UV-C technology. He has even developed meaningful connections with these scholars to ensure that Purification LLC is applying the exact scientific methodology in our devices so that we are providing safe and precise results.


All services are able to be tailored and customized to your unique needs


We work only with certified HVAC technicans to help with the installation. This ensures that your current HVAC warranty stays intact.


Our portable purification device was created to be an easy and portable solution compared to the HVAC installations.


We have special UV-C devices that only a trained Purification employee or vendor knows how to safely set up and use.


Are UV-C lights really effective against COVID-19?

Yes! The FDA backs this up on their website sharing that this technology has been used for decades as a "germicidal" solution. UV-C destroys or deactivates bacteria and virus's DNA or RNA chain; eliminating their reproduction abilities to spread. Our UV-C lights destroy 99.9% of the world's most harmful bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19, SARS, flu, and spores with unmatched speed and effectiveness. See our press release with GoldenSea UV who tested and proved this kill rate accuracy.

Are UVC lights safe?

Safety is our #1 priority at Purification LLC. As direct exposure to UV-C light is known to be harmful, we have various ways to use and install our technology within businesses and homes so that those risks are eliminated. Our special technicians install the lights out of sight, providing everyone with a safe and sterilized environment. We operate with the highest level of excellence in safety standards and protocols when using our lights. It's our goal to help contribute to setting the industry's processes and procedures for other companies that might try and use and handle UV-C technology in the future. 

What UVC solution do I need?

In working with one of our team's experts, we will be able to advise you on what is the best solution or product for your facility or sterilization goals. Purification LLC offers anything from the most known method of UV-C installation through HVAC units, exposed UV-C lights for surface area eradication, or even our new portable UV-C device that you plug into your office or home. Contact us at 602-903-9375 to help you find the right option for your needs.

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This is a one-of-a-kind technology that can be used on any surface to sanitize homes, schools, and businesses to create a safer environment. As humanity progresses forward in the age of technology, we will continue to evolve and create more solutions to help with our planet, health, and quality of life. UV-C light technologies are just the beginning of breathing in more purity and less harmful substances that create health issues long-term such as asthma, allergies, sickness, and disease. 

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