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Air sterilization through HVAC units

Government organizations such as the FDA & CDC advocate for UV-C technologies to be used within businesses to help eradicate harmful airborne pathogens

Our UV-C lights are CDC-approved.

Founder and engineer, Nicholas Knudsen, has worked directly with the physicists and academics that published the articles on the UV-C light spectrum. Everything we do is grounded in science and we are very proud of this. We also test every device before and after installation and provide monthly routine maintenance to ensure the devices are always working to the 99.9% kill rate on microorganisms.

We know by science and research that UV-C is proven to be the most effective way to sterilize the air of harmful pathogens such as viruses, diseases, and bacteria. See sources link below to review FDA website feature on UV-C.

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We work only with certified HVAC technicans to help with the installation. This ensures that your current HVAC warranty stays intact. Every certified HVAC technician also receives training from our UV-C experts on the safety protocols when handling the lights. 

We test every UV-C device prior to installation to ensure it is working to our proven and tested 99.9% kill rate for all pathogens. In addition, you will receive routine monthly maintenance on the devices to make sure everything is working properly. Under our service contract, you will receive one bulb replacement each year. 


Carbon filter & UV-C technology combined

Our portable Vader 10 device was created to be a easy and portable solution compared to the HVAC installations. 

Stay tuned for our progress on other models that will have a wireless rechargeable lithium battery – allowing you to take clean air, truly, wherever you go!

Our device weighs less than 8 pounds. This gives you and your loved ones the flexibility to carry to various locations without all the heavy-lifting. We also offer smaller and lighter sizes in our model production. Each contract or installation can be customized to the project and facility needs. That means color can also be customized to blend in and be more subtle within your space. 

We know by science and research that UV-C is proven to be the most effective way to sterilize the air of harmful pathogens such as viruses, diseases, and bacteria.

*Bulb + filter replacements are $50 per year. Will ship to address with instructions on how to replace.

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Our air current has powerful and unmatched suction.

We installed our powerful fan on top of the device verse most companies that put them towards the bottom. With physics and science as a guide, we know that the best way to pull microorganisms at a faster rate to sterilize the room, the fan needs to be higher up on the device.

Our Vader 10 also has the capability to clear out a room of 400 sq ft within 30 seconds of airborne pathogens.

With powerful air suction in full force, pathogens are first circulated through our UV-C lights. We test our lights to kill any pathogens at a rate of 99.9% BEFORE it even reaches the carbon filter. We consider the carbon filter to be a “net” to ensure we capture as much as possible. We choose carbon filters specifically as they are less dense to ensure that the light penetrates all the way through to the pathogens; giving you the highest kill rate possible verse other filters.


Sterilize your next event or gathering

People are looking at events and gatherings in a whole new light due to the pandemic. Individuals are much more skeptical and wary of going to spaces and enclosed areas without knowing for sure that it is sanitized and necessary precautions for health and safety have been taken into consideration.

Our environmental sterilization services have friends, family, colleagues, and new acquaintances in mind. This service is perfect to make sure that the room you are conducting your event or gathering in is completely sterilized from harmful pathogens such as viruses, diseases, and bacteria. With our UV-C lights, which have also been tested in third-party labs, all microorganisms that may be on any surface area will be destroyed with an accuracy of 99.99%.

With this service, we have partnered with hotels, state senators, doctor offices, and many more companies that were looking to find solutions for ensuring rooms will be safe for all guests to enjoy. A perfect add-on to our environmental sterilization service is renting our portable purification devices too! Ask us more about how you can bundle and save for your next event or gathering with Purification LLC.

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As you can see from the image above, we have special UV-C devices that only a trained Purification employee or vendor knows how to safely set up and use. We put our devices in all areas to ensure that every corner and surface spot is covered. Our tested and proven kill rate of 99.99% ensures that upon contact all microorganisms will be destroyed, giving your space complete sterilization.

Our service rate of $200 will cover an area of about 1,500 sq ft. This service is typically performed the day of the event and we will work with your schedule at any time you need us there 24/7. We usually recommend starting the service about two hours before the event. This ensures everything is completely set up so we can sterilize everything for guest entry.

It’s very common that companies or organizations want to advertise and market their event utilizing our UV-C services. We typically consult with all clients before the event and tailor a service or marketing package that makes sense for their location and budget. 

You can add-on and tailor any of these marketing and service options for your next event or gathering:

Marketing & Advertising:

  • Creation of custom messaging and branded graphics that are tailored to your event so you can feature the UV-C services being performed
    • Digital dimensions of graphics are available for distribution and marketing on social media platforms, websites, blogs, etc.
  • A-frame signs of our UV-C services being performed for guest entry placement
  • Booth set up with Purification LLC employee to talk to guests about how UV-C works

UV-C Services:

  • Environmental sterilization service by Purification employee or trained vendor before the event at the gathering location
  • Portable purification device to feature throughout the room to ensure that, even after the environmental sterilization has been performed, airborne transmission of harmful pathogens by guests is eliminated
  • HVAC installation of  UV-C lights at venue location can be discounted as we have worked with locations in the past that we have consulted and were able to bundle a UV-C package that makes sense for everyone involved



The leading innovators in UV-C technology

Purification LLC is an innovative, Arizona-based company that uses state of the art methods to disinfect air and surface contaminants, reduce spore activation and kill airborne pathogens by using unique CDC approved UV-C light bulbs. This technology brings increased safety to homes, businesses, schools and other spaces through environment and HVAC air sterilization.

Purification LLC recently launched as the latest in sanitation technology, leading the way in using CDC-approved UV-C lights to destroy harmful bacteria and viruses through environmental sterilization and HVAC air sterilization. The one-of-a-kind technology can be used on any surface to sanitize homes, schools and businesses to create a safer environment.

Purification LLC’s sanitation method emits no ozone or harmful gas, is free from human error that can miss areas during cleaning and is environmentally friendly at a comparable price point to other sanitization services.

Purification founder and engineer, Nicholas Knudsen, with the manager of Bespoke Inn at Scottsdale location performing environmental sterilization.


The UV-C light’s effectiveness has also been studied by Columbia University and Duke Health researchers who have found the technology to be beneficial in destroying pathogens and lessening the transmission of infections.


This is a one-of-a-kind technology can be used on any surface to sanitize homes, schools and businesses to create a safer environment. As humanity progresses forward in the age of technology, we will continue to evolve and create more solutions to help with our planet, health, and quality of life. UV-C light technologies are just the beginning of breathing in more purity and less harmful substances that create health issues long term such as asthma, allergies, sickness, and disease. 

Affordable Pricing Options

Federal grants, tax write offs, pricing options available

Safe For The Environment

Emits no ozone or harmful gases with the planet in mind

Free From Human Error

No chemicals or user error when cleaning surfaces


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