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Meet Founder & Engineer 

Nicholas Knudson

Purification LLC founder and engineer Nicholas Knudsen who saw the growing need for advanced sanitation procedures amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. He set out to create a safe, efficient and affordable way to help community members and business owners find a new kind of safety amidst the spreading of the novel coronavirus. 

We believe this technology will help set a new safety standard that allows for community members to feel safe re-entering the world, and allows business owners to keep their doors open while ensuring the safety of their staff and patrons,” Knudsen said. “Our goal is to make this technology as accessible as possible so we can effectively help our community during this unprecedented time.

Nicholas Knudson

Founder & Enginner


The Leading Innovators In UVC Technology

Purification LLC is an innovative, Arizona-based company that uses state of the art methods to disinfect air and surface contaminants, reduce spore activation and kill airborne pathogens by using unique CDC approved UV-C light bulbs. This technology brings increased safety to homes, businesses, schools and other spaces through environment and HVAC air sterilization.

Purification LLC’s sanitation method emits no ozone or harmful gas making it more environmentally friendly than other sanitizing methods. Because our company uses powerful lights, the process is also free from human error that can miss areas during other forms of cleaning and sanitation.

Because we believe this revolutionary technology should be available to all, Purification LLC is a nonprofit. We have committed to making UV-C sanitation accessible – especially our charitable partners.


The UV-C lights’ effectiveness has also been studied by Columbia University and Duke Health researchers who have found the technology to be beneficial in destroying pathogens and lessening the transmission of infections.


All services are able to be tailored and customized to your unique needs


We work only with certified HVAC technicans to help with the installation. This ensures that your current HVAC warranty stays intact.


Our portable purification device was created to be an easy and portable solution compared to the HVAC installations.


We have special UV-C devices that only a trained Purification employee or vendor knows how to safely set up and use.


This is a one-of-a-kind technology can be used on any surface to sanitize homes, schools and businesses to create a safer environment. As humanity progresses forward in the age of technology, we will continue to evolve and create more solutions to help with our planet, health, and quality of life. UV-C light technologies are just the beginning of breathing in more purity and less harmful substances that create health issues long term such as asthma, allergies, sickness, and disease. 

Affordable Pricing Options

Federal grants, tax write offs, pricing options available

Safe For The Environment

Emits no ozone or harmful gases with the planet in mind

Free From Human Error

No chemicals or user error when cleaning surfaces


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