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Just as shocked as you are with finding out that there is a light that can kill COVID-19, amongst many other harmful diseases, bacteria, and pathogens, so are many others! That’s why we at Purification LLC have made it our mission to share this message and technology with anyone and everyone. After all, we are trying to save the world here!


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AZ Central

Nearly every component of the light bulbs and the device are built from scratch in Tempe with Knudsen’s own hands, starting with a flat sheet of aluminum. He and Boals are working to get the product mass-produced to take it to a national market. Knudsen installs the lights himself to ensure it’s done properly. Read More

Authority Magazine

The first few steps that they should take is to find something that excites them or that they are truly passionate about. The second is to not take shortcuts. Do the research and do the work on what you are going to do that’s going to set you apart in the market, otherwise you might as well save your time and money. It’s a long road ahead…Read more

Arizona Foothills Feature

A typical day in my life includes… I usually wake up at 5:30 and feed my pets, then check emails, look at the stock market, the news, and I start my work day with a conference call from either China or Germany where we have business connections…Read more

inBusiness Feature

One of these is Purification, LLC — an innovative, Tempe-based company that’s harnessing the power of CDC-approved UV-C lights to destroy harmful bacteria and viruses through environmental sterilization and HVAC air sterilization… Read more

My Local News U.S LLC

Purification LLC recently launched as the latest in sanitation technology, leading the way in using CDC-approved UV-C lights to destroy harmful bacteria and viruses through environmental sterilization and HVAC air sterilization…Read more

Wrangler News

During the past year, several Valley businesses have signed on for Purification’s cutting-edge services, including popular Tempe bar and restaurant The Porch….Read more

Independent News Media Inc

Many of the recommendations from the CDC to stop the spread of diseases and viruses in schools come from an “everyday preventative measure” approach with chemical cleaners, frequent handwashing, and vaccinations leading the way…Read More


My Local News

Purification LLC, a leader in UV-C light technology, has released a new product – the Vader 10, which offers consumers a portable option for eradicating airborne pathogens for a variety of uses – such as stopping the spread of viruses like COVID-19 as well as aiding in the treatment of seasonal allergies…Read More


AZ Big Media

Nicholas Knudsen, founder of Purification LLC, is a leading innovator of using UV-C technology in practical ways to eradicate COVID-19 and other airborne pathogens…Read more


Independent Tempe Feature

In learning how to attack and eliminate the risk of contracting COVID-19, one Tempe company has been diligently working with its partners to eviscerate the virus through ultraviolet light … Read more

PHOENIX Magazine

Local companies have introduced products and services that purport to defend families and offices from COVID-19, including Ahwatukee’s Sanitized Now, portable disinfecting system ExtremeMist PSS, and Purification LLC, which utilizes UV light to sanitize surfaces…Read more


All services are able to be tailored and customized to your unique needs


We work only with certified HVAC technicans to help with the installation. This ensures that your current HVAC warranty stays intact.


Our portable purification device was created to be an easy and portable solution compared to the HVAC installations.


We have special UV-C devices that only a trained Purification employee or vendor knows how to safely set up and use.


Are UV-C lights really effective against COVID-19?

Yes! The FDA backs this up on their website sharing that this technology has been used for decades as a "germicidal" solution. UV-C destroys or deactivates bacteria and virus's DNA or RNA chain; eliminating their reproduction abilities to spread. Our UV-C lights destroy 99.9% of the world's most harmful bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19, SARS, flu, and spores with unmatched speed and effectiveness. See our press release with GoldenSea UV who tested and proved this kill rate accuracy.

Are UVC lights safe?

Safety is our #1 priority at Purification LLC. As direct exposure to UV-C light is known to be harmful, we have various ways to use and install our technology within businesses and homes so that those risks are eliminated. Our special technicians install the lights out of sight, providing everyone with a safe and sterilized environment. We operate with the highest level of excellence in safety standards and protocols when using our lights. It's our goal to help contribute to setting the industry's processes and procedures for other companies that might try and use and handle UV-C technology in the future. 

What UVC solution do I need?

In working with one of our team's experts, we will be able to advise you on what is the best solution or product for your facility or sterilization goals. Purification LLC offers anything from the most known method of UV-C installation through HVAC units, exposed UV-C lights for surface area eradication, or even our new portable UV-C device that you plug into your office or home. Contact us at 602-903-9375 to help you find the right option for your needs.

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Whether you have questions on an existing device you own and it's current effectiveness, or if you would like for one of our experts to install the technology in your home or facility, we're here for you!

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This is a one-of-a-kind technology can be used on any surface to sanitize homes, schools and businesses to create a safer environment. As humanity progresses forward in the age of technology, we will continue to evolve and create more solutions to help with our planet, health, and quality of life. UV-C light technologies are just the beginning of breathing in more purity and less harmful substances that create health issues long term such as asthma, allergies, sickness, and disease. 

Affordable Pricing Options

Federal grants, tax write offs, pricing options available

Safe For The Environment

Emits no ozone or harmful gases with the planet in mind

Free From Human Error

No chemicals or user error when cleaning surfaces


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