UV-C technology has been studied and used for decades as a way to eradicate harmful pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, and diseases. Traditionally, government institutions, medical facilities, and many other high-profile businesses have implemented this technology throughout their operations to ensure that airborne and surface area contamination has been solved for.

Horticulture is another industry that is taking advantage of the benefits of UV-C technology for indoor grow facilities. UV-C light destroys anything with a DNA or RNA chain including all organisms that fall in the fungi family, or that can potentially make a plant sick, are eradicated with proper installations of UV-C devices. At Purification LLC, we solve for the airborne transmission of mold, spores, yeast, and other diseases with our Industrial Purification Tubes which we install on the ceilings and the walls of each grow room. The entire profit of a grow facility’s business lies within the health and quality outcome of their crop. Furthermore, operational costs of the kind of equipment necessary for creating the ideal growing climate can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. The majority of the available equipment, however, cannot account for the cross-contamination of harmful pathogens. If one plant in the room gets sick, and there are no proactive measures set in place to prevent the entire room from getting contaminated, there can be costly consequences to the business and even potentially shut them down due to the financial cost of investment to start up the organization.


In our experience with understanding the different variables that make up a successful grow room, things such as temperature, light exposure, humidity, and air circulation are all factors that we account for when we developed our devices for indoor horticulture. All devices specifically work with each element. For example, we place our devices on the ceilings and walls of the room so that it works with the fans that are already set up to keep clean air constantly circulating. If air does not move constantly throughout the room, it will potentially allow mold and spores to form. Furthermore, the Industrial Purification Tubes need to pull air at a faster rate than the existing room’s wind speed. This is so that all air pulls through the device, past the UV-C light, and out the carbon filtration end to collect any volatile organic compounds, matter, residuals.

HVAC installations were some of the first studied applications of UV-C technology. At Purification LLC, we have gained the reputation of being one of the world’s leading innovators in UV-C devices and our next venture and focus will be within the horticulture industry. Not only can UV-C aid with eliminating contamination of harmful pathogens in each grow room, but it can help growers avoid harmful chemicals that are currently used to battle mold and spores.